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Meet Dr. Scott Fournier

“Guess I’m a bit of a gym rat,” laughs Dr. Scott. “I love working out, running and being super active. It’s actually how I discovered chiropractic.”

Raised here in Lafayette, Dr. Scott always dreamed of coaching college-level sports. Which you might suspect when you see all the Louisiana State University and UL memorabilia in the office.

“I was working as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the LSU Fighting Tigers,” remembers Dr. Scott. “I was talking with the team’s chiropractor who explained how chiropractic worked. He adjusted me and I was amazed. That’s when I realized that coaching wasn’t going to be my future.”

After earning his Masters Degree in Kinesiology he enrolled in Texas Chiropractic College. After graduation Dr. Scott has continued his education. Besides strength conditioning and weight training he has received postgraduate training in laser therapy and kinesiotaping. In addition, he’s also the current team chiropractor at Southside High School in Younsville, LA, and was the past team chiropractor at the University of Lafayette and Comeaux High School in Lafayette.

A Love of Family

Dr. Scott is a family man. Besides his own family of four with Dr. Maria, he has at least 40 cousins in the Lafayette area. There’s always someone he can turn to for support, advice and counsel.

“My extended family is like my own personal Google,” smiles Dr. Scott. “Whatever I need, there’s someone in my family who can either do it, or knows someone who can.”

But it’s Dr. Scott they consult when they have a health challenge. They appreciate the same deep sense of caring that you will when you meet Dr. Scott.

I love helping people. I live for the opportunity to inspire others. My greatest joy is the moment patients realize that things are going to get better.”


Learn more about Dr. Scott when you book your next appointment with us.

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