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New Patients

We remember what it’s like to be a new patient. You’ll find our patient-centered process simple, respectful and reassuring.

Before You Arrive

Save time by completing our brief paperwork before you arrive. You can download it here or we’re happy to email it to you.

Since we’ll be having you turn and bend and move around, you’ll want to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

Bring your identification, insurance details and your completed health history form. Reserve about 35-45 minutes.

You’ll be greeted warmly with a smile. We love seeing new patients and our front desk team will guide you through our process.

After completing the admin formalities, you’ll be escorted to our exam room. That’s where you’ll meet Dr. Scott or Dr. Maria.

The doctor will review your health history. He or she will want to know as many details as possible. Their first priority is to listen. They want to confirm that yours is a chiropractic case and that you can likely be helped.

If so, and you choose to proceed, we’ll conduct a thorough physical, orthopedic and neurological exam. Many patients mention that it’s the most complete workup they’ve ever had.

If the clinical findings give us the green light, you’ll receive some helpful therapy and your first chiropractic adjustment. Your recovery has begun!

Reserve about 30-minutes for your second visit with us.

First, we’ll go over your exam findings. We’ll explain what we found, what it means and how we can help you. If we took pictures of your spine, you’ll see those too.

We’ll present your treatment plan and how it’s designed to get you better. Multiple visits will be necessary to make the necessary spinal changes. Each visit builds on the ones before, so keeping your visits is essential.

The frequency of your visits will vary based on your age, condition and specific health issue. As joint function improves and you’re able to move better, your symptoms should subside.

Thankfully, a typical visit is short, usually about 5-10 minutes. That’s what it will take to size up your spine, notice changes to muscles and soft tissues and adjust you.

We respect your time. We do everything we can to run on time. Our job is to make the necessary corrections quickly so you can get back to your life.

From time to time we’ll want to repeat some of the same tests we conducted on your first visit. That permits us to compare where you are, with where you were. These findings may tell us to increase your visit frequency. Or more commonly, that we can space your visits further apart.

Financial Arrangements

We participate with all the major health insurance plans. Most offer at least some coverage for chiropractic care.

We also offer Care Credit and accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

If you have financial hardship, find out how we can make chiropractic affordable for you. We can’t wait to welcome you into our practice—contact us today if you’d like to learn more.

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